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  • Baby tableware how to choose?

    Date:2016-2-25 10:36

    For the baby, in the past we focus on food safety, air quality and other major issues, and for some of the details of the health of the baby's diet is often ignored. Of course, today we are speaking of eating health, not just the food safety, but also the safety
    of food tableware.
    Children experts tell us that if the child tableware material selection is improper, will cause persistent health effects on the baby, severe cases may cause disease. So baby tableware must be carefully selected. But baby tableware in the end how to choose it? Focus on maternal and child products R & D, Canadian high-end household goods brand Partita variations experts to national standards in Europe and America, tell us three strokes.
    How to choose the baby tableware 3 strokes to help you get
    1, look at the material
    For the baby to choose tableware, material on the requirements of particular attention. Both safety and non pollution, but also light, strong toughness, high temperature resistance, not afraid of pressure, not afraid to fall and easy to clean.
    2, look at the design
    For most of the 12 months before the baby fed by adults to tableware design requirements is not obvious, but after 12 months to practice the baby eating habits, this time tableware design must for the baby to grasp, not easy to slip. Easy to hold the tableware more able to arouse the interest of the baby to eat. In addition, like the base with suction cup function design is also a treasure Ma to concern.
    3, look at the color
    Beautiful colors can make your baby more appetite, so choose tableware, but also look at the color, the pattern will not fall off, bottle body color will not fade is a treasure in the purchase of the issue of the issue of.

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