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  • Abe begins three-day visit in India

    Date:2016-2-25 10:37

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has arrived in India to begin his three-day visit. Abe on Friday urged Indian business leaders to invest in Japan as its economy was picking up.Abe will meet his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, and is believed will push the sale of Shinkansen high-speed rails and nuclear projects with India.

    Japan has been making great efforts to export its high speed railway to the country. And Abe's visit also brings attention to the prolonged negotiations on nuclear energy cooperation. Last month the deputy foreign ministerial level meetings in New Delhi paved the way for further negotiations on nuclear projects, which Japanese media consider has entered the last phrase.

    India and Japan are also likely to finalize an agreement on the protection of military information during Abe's trip that will lay the ground for Japanese arms sales to India, including seaplanes.

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